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2012 Paper Awards
Best Paper
B. Kaczer, J. Franco, M. Toledano-Luque, Ph.J. Roussel, M.F. Bukhori, A. Asenov, B. Schwarz, M. Bina, T. Grasser, G. Groeseneken, (IMEC, T.U. Wien, U.K. Malasia, University of Glasgow), "The Relevance of Deeply-Scaled FET Threshold Voltage Shifts for Operation Lifetimes"
Outstanding Paper
V. Huard, , E. Pion, F. Cacho, D. Croain, V. Robert, R. Delarte, P. Mergault, N. Ruiz Amador, S. Engels, P. Flatresse, L. Anghel, (STMicroelectronics, TIMA Laboratory), "A Predictive Bottom-Up Hierarchical Approach to Digital System Reliability"
Best Student Paper
C. Miccoli, C. M. Compagnoni, L. Chiavarone, S. Beltrami, A. L. Lacaita, A. S. Spinelli, A. Visconti, (Politecnico di Milano, Micron), "Assessment of Distributed-Cycling Schemes on 45nm NOR Flash Memory Arrays"
Best Poster-1
J. Fang, S. Sapatnekar, (University of Minnesota), "Understanding the Impactof Transistor-level BTI Variability"
Best Poster Paper-2
L. Cao, K.J. Ganesh, L. Zhang, P. Ferreira, P. Ho, (University of Texas at Austin), "Grain Structure Analysis and Implications on Electromigration Reliability for Cu Interconnects"

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